Guaranteed Asset Protection

Adding Guaranteed Asset Protection protection to your vehicle purchase is very important. Did you know that every major manufacturer includes GAP protection when they lease you a vehicle? This is because the asset is theirs and they know how important GAP protection is.

In the event that your vehicle is declared a total loss due to an accident, theft or damaged beyond repair (a total loss), your comprehensive insurance payout often does not cover the total amount that you still owe on your loan. In this situation many consumers find themselves with a “still owing” loan balance, and no vehicle. This also impacts your ability to obtain another loan, leaving you in a difficult spot. Adding the right protection is key, so with GAP this ‘negative equity’ amount is covered, leaving you financially unhindered to shop for your next vehicle without the burden of leftover debt from the written off vehicle.

Tire & Cosmetic Rim

The tire and wheel will be repaired (replaced if not repairable), cosmetic damage to the rim will be repaired.

Roadside Services

Towing. Fuel delivery, Flat tire changes, Emergency battery, Lockout service or Trip interruption.

Key/Remote Replacement

In the event your key/remote is lost, stolen or destroyed we will pay for the replacement key/remote up to $2000 per year.

Paint Repair

Monir scratches to the paint that can be repaired at the dealership.

Paintless Dent/Ding Repair

Minor dents and dings will be repaired without the use of paint, using a process that will not harm your vehicle’s factory finish.

Windshield Repair/Replacement

Covers the cost repairs to the front windshield, rear windshield, sunroof and all exterior windows, also covers minor chips.

Interior Protection

Coverage is provided for the repair of accidental rips, tears, burns or punctures of upholstered or leather materials in vehicle.

Headlight/Taillight Protection

Coverage is provided for the repair or replacement of the headlights and or tailights.

Digital Screen Coverage

Coverage is provided for the repair or replacement of digital screens if damaged.